High Transparency Vacuum Casting Transparent PC

Short Description:

Casting in silicone moulds: transparent prototype parts until a 10 mm thickness: crystal glass like parts, fashion, jewellery, art and decoration parts, lenses for lights.

• High transparency (water clear)

•  Easy polishing

• High reproduction accuracy

• Good U. V. resistance

• Easy processing

• High stability under temperature

Product Detail

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Mixing ratio by weight 100 50
Aspect liquid liquid Liquid
Colour transparent bluish transparent
Viscosity at 25°C                  (mPa.s) BROOKFIELD LVT 200 800 500
Density at 25°C (g/cm3) ISO 1675 : 1985ISO 2781 : 1996 1,07- 1,05 1,06
Density of the cure product at 23°C
Pot life at 25°C on 150g       (min) Gel Timer TECAM  8

Processing Conditions

The PX 5212 must be only used in a vacuum casting machine and cast in a pre-heated silicone mould. The respect of 70°C temperature for the mould is imperative.

Vacuum casting machine utilisation:

• Heat both parts at 20 / 25°C in case of storage at a lower temperature.

• Weigh isocyanate in the upper cup (do not forget to allow for residual cup waste).

• Weigh polyol in the lower cup (mixing cup).

• After degassing for 10 minutes under vacuum pour isocyanate in polyol and mix for 4 minutes.

• Cast in the silicone mould, previously heated at 70°C.

• Put in an oven at 70°C.

1hour for 3 mm thickness

Open the mould, cooling the part with compressed air.

Remove the part.

Post curing treatment is needed to get final properties (after demoulding) 2h at 70°C + 3h at 80°C+ 2h at 100°C

Use a fixture to handle the part during the post curing treatment

NOTA: Elastic memory material offset any deformation observed during demoulding.

It is important to cast the PX 5212 in a new mould without casting resin previously inside.

Hardness ISO 868 : 2003 Shore D1 85
Tensile modulus of elasticity ISO 527 : 1993 MPa 2,400
Tensile strength ISO 527 : 1993 MPa 66
Elongation at break in tension ISO 527 : 1993 % 7.5
Flexural modulus of elasticity ISO 178 : 2001 MPa 2,400
Flexural strength ISO 178 : 2001 MPa 110
Choc impact strength (CHARPY) ISO 179/1eU : 1994 kJ/m2 48
Glass transition temperature (Tg) ISO 11359-2 : 1999 °C 95
Refractive index LNE - 1,511
Coefficient og light transmission LNE % 89
Heat deflection temperature ISO 75 : 2004 °C 85
Maximal casting thickness - mm 10
Time before demoulding at 70°C (3mm) - min 60
Linear shrinkage - mm/m 7

Storage Conditions

Shelf life of both parts is 12 months in a dry place and in their original unopened containers at a temperature between 10 and 20°C. Avoid storage for long time at a temperature over 25°C.

Any open can must be tightly closed under dry nitrogen.

Handling Precautions

Normal health and safety precautions should be observed when handling these products :

Ensure good ventilation

Wear gloves, safety glasses and waterproof clothes

For further information, please consult the product safety data sheet.

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