High Temperature Ressitance SLA Resin ABS like KS1208H

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Material Overview

KS1208H is a high temp resistant SLA resin with low-viscosity in translucent color. The part can be used with a temperature around 120℃. For instantaneous temperature it is resitant to above 200℃. It has good dimensional stability and fine surface details, which is perface solution for parts requiring resistance to heat and humidity, and it’s also applicable for quick mold with certain material in small batch production. 

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High temperature resistance

Excellent dimensional stability

High strength and accuracy

Ideal Applications

Prototypes need high-temp resistance

Quick mold


Technical Data-sheet

Liquid Properties Optical Properties 
Appearance  Semi-translucent Dp  13.5 mJ/cm2 [critical exposure]
Viscosity  340 cps@30℃ Ec  0.115 mm [slope of cure-depth vs. In (E) curve]
Density  1.14 g/cm3 Building layer thickness  0.08-0.12 mm  
Mechanical properties UV post curing
Test items Test Methods Numerical value Test Methods Numerical value
Tensile Strength ASTMD 638 65MPa GB/T1040.1-2006 71MPa
Elongation at break ASTMD 638 3-5% GB/T1040.1-2006 3-5%
Bending strength ASTMD 790 110MPa GB/ T9341-2008 115MPa
Flexural modulus ASTMD 790 2720MPa GB/ T9341-2008 2850MPa
Izod notched impact strength ASTMD 256 20J/m GB/T1843-2008 25J/m
Shore hardness ASTMD 2240 87D GB/T2411-2008 87D
Glass transition temperature DMA, tan θ peak 135℃    
Thermal expansion coefficient(25-50℃) ASTME831-05 50 µ m/m℃ GB/T1036-89 50 µ m/m℃
Thermal expansion coefficient(50-100℃) ASTME831-05 150 µ m/m℃ GB/T1036-89 160 µ m/m℃

Recommended temperature for processing and storage of the above resin should be 18℃-25℃.

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