Popular 3D Print SLA Resin ABS like Brown KS908C

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Material Overview

KS908C is a brown color SLA resin for accurate and detailed parts. With fine textures, temperature resistance and good strength, KS908C is specially developed for printing shoe maquette and shoe sole master models, and quick mold for PU sole, but it’s also popular with dental, art & design, statue, animation and film.

Product Detail

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- Highly accurate
- Fine surface texture
- Clear edges and corners
- Good moisture resistance

Ideal Applications

- Shoe models
- Dental
- Art and design
- Statue
- Animation film
Shoe sample

Technical Data-sheet

Liquid Properties  Optical Properties 
Appearance  Brown  Dp  0.135-0.155 mm
Viscosity  405-505 cps @ 28 ℃ Ec  9-12 mJ/cm2
Density 1.11-1.14g/cm3 @ 25 ℃ Building layer thickness  0.1-0.15mm
Mechanical Properties UV Postcure
Hardness , Shore D ASTM D 2240 74-80
Flexural modulus , Mpa ASTM D 790 2,650-2,750
Flexural strength , Mpa ASTM D 790 60- 75
Tensile modulus , MPa ASTM D 638 2,150-2,370
Tensile strength , MPa ASTM D 638 25-30
Elongation at break  ASTM D 638 12 -20%
Impact strength, notched lzod, J/m ASTM D 256 58 - 70
Heat deflection temperature, ℃ ASTM D 648 @66PSI 58-68
Glass transition, Tg DMA,E”peak 55-70
Density , g/cm3   1.14-1.16  

Recommended temperature for processing and storage of the above resin should be 18℃-25℃.

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