CNC Machining Metal

The Introduction of CNC Machining (Metal)

CNC Machining Metal is the use of numerical control machine tools to process metal and so on, also refers to the use of numerical control machining tools.  CNC exponential machine tools are programmed and controlled by numerical control language, usually G code.  The G code language of CNC machining tells the Cartesian position coordinates used by the machining tool of NC machine tools, and controls the feed speed of the tool and the spindle speed, as well as the functions of tool converter and coolant.  Numerical control machining has great advantages over manual machining.

Here's how it works.

When CNC Metal is just started, three-axis origin restoration should be carried out to check whether the guide rail oil and spindle hydraulic oil of the machine are sufficient.

Not enough to timely refueling. The size of the processing workpiece should correspond to the drawings, even if only a small gap also have to ask the above management or programming.

In the process of processing the program is broken so when the program is also prone to error, must be checked in time. The XYZ axis should be zeroed out at the same time as the tool should be changed in processing.

An example of general processing mainly include precision of pin hole, guide pin hole, insert groove, slotting, etc.

Easily in processing cutting knife: this is the experience of operating machine, beginners may not considering these aspects, since experience we should bear in mind that encountered in the processing of similar place their attention.


  • 1.The process is easy to program and can produce parts with simple geometry, with high accuracy.
  • 2.It has high production capacities.
  • 3.The cost of machining per part is relatively low.
  • 4.3-axis CNC mills are less expensive than their 5-axis counterparts.


  • High technical requirements for operators and machine maintenance personnel.
  • The purchase cost of machine equipment is expensive.

Industries With CNC Machining Metal

● ABS: White, light yellow, black, red. ● PA: White, light yellow, black, blue, green. ● PC: Transparent, black. ● PP: White, black. ● POM: White, black, green, grey, yellow, red, blue, orange.

Post Processing

For most metal materials, here are post processing techniques that are available from JSADD 3D.

CNC Machining Metal Materials

JSADD 3D Provide CNC Machining Metal Materials: Aluminum Alloy,Brass,S45C,Q235 Steel, Sainless Steel, Titanium Alloy, D2 Steel, Magnesium Alloy

Best CNC Machining Metal Technique Service from JSADD 3D.

JSADD 3D provide the best of plastic & metal reducing service for the wide variety of most materials

JSADD 3D provide the best of plastic & metal reducing service for the wide variety of most materials

 p1 Aluminum Alloy 6061 Silver CNC 0.005-0.05mm Excellent welding characteristics and oxidation effect, good corrosion resistance, high toughness
 p2 7075 Silver CNC 0.005-0.05mm High strength, good mechanical properties, easy processing, good wear resistance and oxidation resistance.
 p3 Brass / Yellow CNC 0.005-0.05mm High strength and hardness, strong chemical resistance, soft texture and strong wear resistance
 p4 S45C / / CNC 0.005-0.05mm It has relatively high strength and good machinability, and can obtain certain toughness, plasticity and wear resistance after proper heat treatment
 p5 Q235 Steel / / CNC 0.005-0.05mm The most widely used steel has better comprehensive properties; the properties such as strength, plasticity and welding are well matched.
 p6 Sainless Steel 304 Silver CNC 0.005-0.05mm Good corrosion resistance, heat resistance, corrosion resistance, strong mechanical properties, non-magnetic
 p7 316 Silver CNC 0.005-0.05mm Tough and easy to weld, excelllentt corrosion resistant
 p8 Titanium Alloy / / CNC 0.005-0.05mm High strength, light weight and toughness, easy to weld, good thermal conductivity, more expensive than other metals
 p9 D2 Steel / / CNC 0.005-0.05mm High hardness, stiffness, wear and heat resistance, good mechanical properties after heat treatment
 p10 Magnesium Alloy / / CNC 0.005-0.05mm High strength, large elastic modulus, good heat dissipation and shock absorption, excellent corrosion resistance to organic substances and alkalis