MJF (Multi Jet Fusion)

The Introduce of MJF 3D Printing

MJF 3D printing is a kind of 3D printing processes just emerged in recent years, mainly developed by HP. It is known as a major “backbone” of emerging additive manufacturing technology which has been used in many fields.

MJF 3D printing has quickly become the choice of additive manufacturing solution for industrial applications due to the rapid delivery of parts with high tensile strength, fine feature resolution and well-defined mechanical properties. It is commonly used to manufacture functional prototypes and end-use parts require consistent isotropic mechanical properties and complex geometries.

Here's how it works.

Its principle works as follows: at first, the “powdering module” moves up and down to lay a layer of uniform powder. The “hot nozzle module” then moves from side to side to spray the two reagents, while heating and melting the material in the print area through heat sources on both sides. The process repeats until the final print is complete.


  • Theoretically, the printing speed is 10 times that of SLS or FDM
  • Streamline workflow and reduce costs
  • Printed parts with good mechanical properties make functional verification possible
  • The material reuse rate can reach 80%, reducing the production cost of users
  • The finished product can be printed directly according to customer needs


  • Material limitation: the available material is only black nylon 12 (PA12), and more available materials depend on HP's development of fine agents;

The introduction of MJF 3D Printing

Medical Parts / Industry Parts / Circular Parts / Industrial Accessories / Automotive Instrument Panels / Artistic Decorate / Furniture Parts

Post Processing

MJF process is mainly divided into Heating to melt solids, shot peening, dyeing, secondary processing and so on.

MJF Materials

MJF 3D printing uses nylon powder material produced by HP. 3D Printed Products have good mechanical properties and can be used for functional prototyping as well as final parts.

JSADD 3D provides 3D printing services for various MJF materials such as HP PA12, HP PA12+GB.

JSADD 3D provides 3D printing services for various MJF materials such as HP PA12, HP PA12+GB.

MJF Model Type Color Tech Layer thickness Features
MJF (1) MJF PA 12 Black MJF 0.1-0.12mm Ideal for strong, functional, complex parts
MJF (2) MJF PA 12GB Black MJF 0.1-0.12mm Ideal for stiff and functional parts